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Little Nightmares 2 First Person Mod Download and Install Tutorial

 Little Nightmares 2 First Person Mod Download and how to install it 

This post will guide you to install first person mod in little nightmares 2 game pc.


*NOTE* - You will need xbox controller to play in first person mode

Cheat engine - https://tei.ai/mtnBe

Mod file - https://tei.ai/zbwgj



Instructions - 
1. First download Cheat engine and install it. After installation is done, download mod file from link given above
2. Now connect your controller and start the game
3. Once in the game, press windows key and open mod file.
4. Now go back into the game and start any chapter
5. Press RB on controller to view game in first person (xbox controller)
6. Now you can enjoy this game in first person mode

Gameplay video - 

Screenshots - 


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