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Every Scary Villain in Outlast Games (2013-2021)

Outlast is first person horror game which was developed by Red barrels and the first game of this franchise was released in 2013. There are total four games we know about including Outlast 1, Outlast whistleblower, Outlast 2 and Outlast trials Which is newly announced outlast game set to release in 2021. In this horror game series, in order to survive you must run and hide from Enemies as combat is not an option in the game which makes it even more scary. This game is basically stealth type horror experience. The first and second game is set in in a mental Asylum where as the third game is set in Arizona Desert.

This Post wil show Every Scary Villain/Antagonist you Encounter in Outlast Series (2013-2021)

Outlast 1 2013

1. Chris Walker

Chris Walker is the antagonist in Outlast 1 who is considerably large and small compared to other inmates. He is the one who pursues Miles Upsher periodically throughout the game. Chris Walker is extremely fat and his voice is different from other variants in the Asylum. He also possesses superhuman like strength and is extremely strong. Chris walker rips open the heart when he catches the player and there is literally no way to escape from his hands! 

2. Richard Trager

Richard Trager is one of the villain in Outlast 1. He is a doctor type of variant who performs insane experiments on patients to gain knowledge. Everyone in the asylum calls him "Dr Trager". Doctor Trager, like other variants is also a psychopath murderer who wants to kill Miles and perform experiments on him but he is more intelligent as compared to other variants in Asylum. He also talks with Miles in a friendly tone like eddie gluskin in Whistleblower and calls Miles his "Buddy". As Trager is intelligent, he is capable to lure his victims to him. Later in the game, he was killed with elevator.

3. Twins

Nothing much is known about The Twins but they are obedient to Father Martin for some reason which was not explained in the game. The Twins, like other inmates are psychopath murderers but are more calm and intelligent as compared to other inmates. In the game, we can see them talking about their desire to murder Miles and they want to eat his liver and tongue. The twins do not bash doors like other variants in the game which shows that they have some sense of humanity left in them.

4. Walrider

The Walrider who is also known as "The Swarm" is the main antagonist in Outlast 1. He is the final enemy in Outlast 1. The Walrider appears ghostly in nature and is the strongest enemy in Outlast Franchise. He appears in Outlast Whistleblower too as the two games takes place at relatively same time. Miles can see walrider clearly with his camrecorder and Walrider has no bones or muscles. Walrider can also kill any variant in the asylum. The fat variant known as Chris Walker who was also very powerful was killed by Walrider!

Outlast: Whistleblower (2014)

1. Frank Manera

Frank Manera is a Villain who appears only in Outlast whistleblower. He was a part of project walrider. His report indicated that he had hisory of smoking and consumption of drugs. He is the first notable villain encountered by Waylon Park. Waylon Park discovers that frank is a cannibal who eats flesh and he also want to kill Waylon and eat him. Frank sees Human as his meat. Throughout Whistleblower, there will be instances where frank Manera will chase Waylon. keep in mind that like other variants, Frank Manera is also a psychopath but he is one step ahead than a psycho as he wants to eat after murdering his victims which makes him more scary!

2. Eddie Gluskin

Eddie Gluskin is also known as "The Groom" and is one of the most terrifying villain in Outlast Franchise. This villain is different than other variants as he wants to make Waylon Park his wife by performing mutilation. He is secondary Antagonist in Whistleblower along with Frank Manera and he appears at final parts of game. Eddie Gluskin has misleadingly kind personality which makes him a total psychopath!

3. Jeremy Blaire

Outlast 2 (2017)

1. Marta

Marta is a secondary villain in Outlast 2. She appears only in 1st chapter and last chapter in the game. Marta is probably the fastest variant in Outlast franchise. Marta seems to be a high-ranking enforcer of the Testament of New Ezekiel, as she is universally feared throughout the town. She is the strongest in the town. Marta is tall and cruel who just wants to kill Blake at any cost. She is roughly seven ft tall and can break doors very fast when compared to other villains.

2. Father

Father Loutermilch is a villain in Outlast 2. He is a music teacher at St. Sybil school. In the game, it was showed that he killed Jessica (Blake Friend) by pushing her down the stairs, then staged that she died by suicide. Father is seen as Hallucination in Blake's mind throughout the game. After some time, Blake sees Loutermilch as a demon. Father Loutermilch is a demon which can be proved by a red mark on the upper right face which demon also bears. Father Loutermilch appears Kind, Mature, and honest but he is Evil inside. Loutermilch as a demon is with multiple arms and has long tongue.

3. Laird and Nick

Laird and Nick are the villain in Outlast 2 along with Marta who pursues Blake throughout the midpoint of the game.

4. Val

5. Priest

Outlast Trials (2021)

1. Unknown guy with Hammer

More Coming soon!


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